Dark hair, shaggy and wild character. The black pig has maintained its characteristics unchanged over time. The ancient native breed of Calabria black pig risked extinction because it was less profitable from a commercial point of view.

The impervious Calabrian territory had in fact prevented over time a mixture with other pig breeds, contributing to maintaining the genetic heritage unaltered. The black pigs adapt easily to any soil, but being used to moving, they have a slower growth which however guarantees the quality of the meat and the lower percentage of fat. The farm is located 1000 m. above the sea, in an area with very little human presence and where water and air are pristine.

The black pigs, thanks to their more rustic nature which distinguishes them from the traditional swine, do not live in a stable but in a semi-wild state (in the sense that they root for free inside a large enclosure, necessary for operational and sanitary reasons) within which they are free to roll around in mud and eat acorns, chestnuts and apples fallen from the trees.

Their feeding is completed with the out-of-gauge potatoes always produced on the farm to which is added a paste made with whey and triticale flour (nothing chemical, it is only a cereal!). Not far from the farm there is an ancient fruit chestnut grove, while the trees within the enclosure guarantee the coolness of the animals during the hot summer months. The meat of the black pig is thinner and indicated for the production of quality cold cuts.