Artisanal production of traditional Calabrian salami: capicollo, soppressata, pancetta, sausage, bacon and ‘nduja (spicy spreadable salami). No additives, apart from the “cunserva”, the ancient recipe based on sweet red peppers that makes the Calabrian salami unique in color and flavor. Caressed by the mistral and tramontane winds, the cured meats mature with the natural aroma of the chestnut groves, reaching perfect drying during the winter. “The air of the Sila mountains” additive does not appear among the ingredients, but it is essential.

Organic PDO Silane Potato: pasty, tasty and perfect with every recipe. Everything starts with the seed. Do you know that there are first and second choice seeds? Then not only the quality seed but also everything that comes afterwards: the uncontaminated spring water that flows from the rock, the dark earth rich in the humus of the forest and with the right degree of acidity. The extra touch is given by manure, an irreplaceable natural fertilizer.